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The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness has been helping couples conceive where donor egg was thought to be the only solution.  If you are faced with fertility challenges, dont you owe it to yourself to be informed about ALL legitimate methods to help you achieve your dream of family? Come and have acupuncture and herbal medicine completely explained.  We have been getting patients pregnant for 23 years.  All participants will be entitled to a free consultation.

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I developed an interest in acupuncture and herbal medicine due to a very personal and difficult reason - infertility. My wife and I decided that we wanted to start a family soon after we got married. We tried and tried for two years before seeking the help of a reproductive endocrinologist. My wife was diagnosed with a bacterial infection and an autoimmune marker. At our follow-up examinations, we were “cleared” of all obstacles to conception and told to go home and “try.” We tried for another six months without success.

At this point, my wife sought out the help of an acupuncturist/herbalist who had some basic knowledge of reproductive issues. After treating with acupuncture and herbal medicine for six months my wife got nothing more than a regulated period. We were disappointed, then, the very next month, the miracle manifested! She was pregnant and she carried to term without a hitch. We had a beautiful 7.5-pound little tiger who is now a young man, healthy, happy and productive! I was amazed, humbled and enormously excited and gratified by the result which was yielded by what seemed like some hocus-pocus newfangled type of medicine, but it really worked.

It was then that I started to explore acupuncture and herbal medicine on my own. I had a curiosity to learn more. I couldn't believe it when I found out that this type of medicine had existed for 3,000 years and there are hundreds of medical texts dating back centuries on the subject of reproductive disorders and how to treat them.

I responded to an ad in the Village Voice for an open house at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine’s New York campus and left almost six years later with a degree in acupuncture and a National Board Certification in herbal medicine.

With license in hand, I devoted every free moment to studying Western medical and Chinese medical approaches to treating infertility. After years of study and clinical experience, I have been fortunate in that I have been able to develop my own unique acupuncture protocols and proprietary herbal formulas.

The fact that I am able to help so many couples achieve their dream of starting a family is the focal point of my life. Every single patient that comes to The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness is a great gift to me. It's another opportunity to add joy to the world!