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Evan's Unpaid U.N. Internship

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Evan M Beck
Evan M Beck

Please watch the video I made above! It explains everything!

Breakdown of costs can be found here

If you have any more questions, don't hestiate to contact me at

If you are unable to donate monetarily, Air Miles or Aeroplan points are much appreciated! Anything that could be considered a prize is also welcomed, because I may have an auction or raffle at the end of this month.

Script from video: 

Hi everyone,

I have set up this fundraising page for a 6-month internship I am doing with the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime in Indonesia. As per UN policy, the internship is unpaid and I am responsible for covering all costs of the placement. As recent University graduate, I simply don’t have the disposable income to do this, so I am asking for your help to cover only the basic living costs of my placement. I will personally cover all other expenses, and a detailed breakdown of the expenses is attached to this event page.

There a three main reasons why I think you should support this cause:

First off, the work I will be doing involves implementing the first United Nations program to comprehensively address crime, drug and security-related issues in Indonesia.

This program addresses 2 major areas that I want to touch on:

1. Drug Use Prevention and Rehabilitation

2. Criminal Justice and Terrorism Prevention

When it comes to drug use, Indonesia has some of the harshest laws in the world. The mere possession of narcotics and psychotropic drugs is punishable by death, under Indonesian law. According to Wikipedia, 17 people have been executed for drug-related offenses in since 2015.

Not only is this a violation of international law (under the International Bill of Human rights) but it also distracts from drug prevention and rehabilitation programs. According to the Daily Mail, there is an estimated 4.2 million drug-addicts in Indonesia with 33 people dying every day. Despite this, there are only 22,000 rehabilitation beds in the country.

 At the UN, I will be working in conjunction with the Government of Indonesia to develop the country’s first evidence-based, national drug prevention system. The UNODC will also be working with government and civil society organizations to improve rehabilitation and reintegration services for drug-users.

 On January 14th, 2016, ISIS bombed a shopping mall in Indonesia’s capital city, 1 block away from the office where I will be working. The attack was the Indonesia’s deadliest in the last 10 years and highlighted the need to address the country’s growing issue with Foreign Terrorist Fighters and violent extremism. Given Indonesia’s modest infrastructure and massive population, it is particularly difficult to address the growing use of internet for terrorist purposes.

With the UNODC, I will be working to enhance the capacity of Indonesia law enforcement to provide timely international information sharing on terrorism-related cases. I will also be working with the Indonesian Government to improve the investigation and prevention of cyber-terrorism.

I believe these issues are as worthy as any other charitable causes. However, unlike with many charities, when you support my campaign, you know exactly where your money is going. You can also be rest assured that your money will be contributing to tangible change. This not just advocacy or spreading awareness, but rather working with the government and domestic organizations to develop national programs and change laws.

The second reason you should support my campaign is because this internship will help my professional development and drastically improve my future career opportunities. The internship program was very competitive with only 15 people being selected out of over 300 candidates. This internship will help me develop skills that are absolutely essential if I hope to have a career in international relations, these include international research, policy writing, diplomacy and cross-cultural negotiating. Approximately 98% of interns with this program, successfully find work in their field, either with the UN or other international organizations This will also help me network with other international organizations and increase awareness of Canada’s (frequently overlooked) role in the world.

If you’re still not convinced, I have one last reason for why you should support my campaign.

I want to give everyone that donates the chance to virtually come to Indonesia with me. Everyone who donates will receive regular email updates with a link to my blog. Here, I will write about both my personal experiences and the professional work I’m doing, while also sharing videos and photos of my trip.

For those who donate over $200, I will perform a random act of kindness, of your choice, to person of your choice, in Indonesia. I will then document it through a picture, video or blog post that will be exclusively sent to you.

Thank so much for watching and for any more information on this campaign, please refer to the event page.    


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