Jeffrey’s Mitzvah Project

Raised by 4 donors.
Marc Friedman
Chantilly, VA, US

About me

My name is Jeffrey and I live in Northern Virginia. On August 17th, I will turn 13
years old and will celebrate my Bar Mitzvah. In the Jewish religion, this means
I’ll be regarded as an adult in the Jewish community. In our synagogue, it is
traditional for the Bar Mitzvah to do a project meaningful to them.

My Mitzvah Project

A Mitzvah is a good deed done from religious duty. While some people may view the
project as a burden or something they must do, I view it as an opportunity to
help others. For my Bar Mitzvah project, I have decided to conduct a toy/other needs drive to benefit the INOVA Hospital.

Why it is important to me

When my mom was a teenager she had Hodgkins Lymphoma,
which is a type of cancer that affects the immune system. My mom went through
multiple surgeries, radiation treatment and spent a lot of time in the
hospital. As an adult, my mom also survived breast cancer. I am very grateful
that my mom beat cancer TWICE and is here today to tell me her stories.

Staying in the hospital can be lonely, isolating and boring. I know when I
have stayed home sick from school, I felt better when I was distracted. I
believe this same principle applies to children in the hospital. Therefore,I've chosen to conduct a toy/other needs
drive to benefit the INOVA Childrens Hospital. I believe these items will help take children’s minds off being sick, even if
just for a short period of time, and help their bodies focus on getting better.
As the Torah teaches, help others to help themselves and be grateful for what you have.

How you can help

To maximize the impact of my project, I am providing 2 ways to help:

1.  I have arranged for a drop-off for new unwrapped toys/other needs
     (from the INOVA Childrens Hospital Wish List) at one of the
     following collection sites:

Congregation Beth Emeth:
May 12 - May 26, 2019
12523 Lawyers Road
Herndon, VA 20171

Poplar Tree Elementary School:
May 13 - May 24, 2019
13440 Melville Lane
Chantilly, VA 20151

2.  You can also donate money securely on this site

ALL DONATIONS are appreciated and all goods and proceeds will go to INOVA Childrens Hospital.

Thank you for helping me make a child's hospital stay a little better and hopefully even bring a smile to a child's face.