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KiSS VSN - Keeping School Safe

KiSS VSN - Keeping School Safe

Raised by 57 donors.

Violence in our society has become an almost everyday occurrence.  Children, teachers, administrators and personnel are all too vulnerable as they go off to school.  We need to help – and we CAN help.  WE are all part of the Valley Stream North (VSN) High School Community.

*Some of us have walked its halls, learned from the best, then went on to meet the next chapters in our lives. 

*Some have stores and businesses in the Franklin Square and North Valley Stream areas of which VSN students, teachers and all school staff frequent. 

*Some classmates work for or own companies that will contribute. 

Whatever large or small connection you have to our illustrious VSN, YOU will MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! 

Let us all pull together and safeguard everyone in Valley Stream North High School!  Violence, especially gun violence, MUST STOP!! 

To commemorate the VSN Class of 1968’s 50th Reunion, the Class is undertaking this fundraising effort because once a Spartan, always a Spartan.  We are committed to funding this important and worthy cause… and hope you will, too!   

Working with and on behalf of Valley Stream North, we are fundraising to purchase security measures and devices to be used in the school. 

Support and give to KiSS VSN – Keeping School Safe!!  NOW IS THE TIME!!