Lebanese Wildlife (LW) is an environmental conservation non-governmental organization (NGO) that initially began as an initiative in September 2018 and was established as an NGO in June 2020; registration number is #651. LW treats injured or orphaned local wildlife and returns them to their natural habitat upon full recovery.


The wildlife brought into our care are given shelter within our homes. However, we finally found a suitable land to build our designed rehabilitation center to house all rescued animals under one roof and provide them with needed medical equipment, nourishment, and so forth. But a payment of $30k is needed for us to reach that dream, and since we only rely on public donations and receive no funding, we are unable to cover this cost.


We have been facing several challenges, such as the economic crash resulting in a revolution and the pandemic COVID-19. This caused the increase of cost of imported supplies we need for our rescues, such as necessary medicine that is not found locally, which limited our resources and forced us to turn down many reported cases. Then, on the 4th of August 2020, one of the biggest devastating peacetime explosions occurred in Beirut's port. This catastrophe has impacted LW directly, as we lost two animals in our care under shattered walls and glass and have lost access to importing further medication and medical equipment needed for our rescues. We have not only been receiving admissions of several urban wildlife found injured or orphaned under the rubble but also several other cases from around the country. 


Our team has rescued and released more than 400 animals from mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians, working 365 days a year. Please help us continue this mission, and let's change the future of wildlife in Lebanon together.


You can also email us at with the subject line: ‘In-Kind Donations’ if you would like to donate items directly to us such as food, medicine, or equipment. 

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