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My friends,

During the campaign to repeal the ban on feeding cats, we attended council meetings in Ridgefield, New Jersey.   I was videotaping everyone at the council meeting as I am permitted by law to do when THIS happened at the meeting.  Valerie Osteen has been the leader in this movement.  Christine Dinga is the leader of retaining the ban on feeding cats.  Here is the videotape:

Dinga and her male associate obviously attacked ME because they are apparently unaware that if one is at a public meeting they CAN BE videotaped legally.  At a protest we later did at her house, her boyfriend mowed down a 76 year old woman with a lawnmower in front of cops and he was NOT arrested!

Also when one is a "temporary public figure" in the state of NJ (as designated by law there) one is able to talk about that individual on social media freely. 

At a public meeting, we are permitted to take videotape and speak to anyone we please.   My movement throughout the video is walking from the inside of the council meeting to the outside hallway WITH EVERYONE ELSE.   The file of harassment is a frivolous charge and will most likely be dismissed - in fact, it should not have issued.

I requested a public defender for $200 but the judge refused and even threatened to sanction me for asking because I own a house.  I even explained and proved that I had a terrible accident this year but the judge did not regard that and even stated that I MUST have an attorney and that he would not be favorable to me representing myself.  So this judge is expecting me to be there on December 21st with an attorney so I have no choice but to raise funds for someone to appear with me. 

We CANNOT ALLOW THESE CAT HATERS to railroad our campaign with filing false police complaints.  Our goal is to file a lawsuit against the city for banning the feeding of cats and we hope to get that done.  Please help me get out from under this bogus charge from this horrible cat hater. 

Thank you.

Kate Riviello

Call with any questions!

Still seeking attorney!

(845) 856 7366

We Have an Attorney and I Lowered the Amount Needed!
1 week ago

Hi everyone! An attorney was referred to me so we are covered and she is within the price range here!  I need to get it to her as soon as possible.  We did raise $200 on paypal and in the snailmail - I cant believe it - I'm so grateful! 

I cannot wait to put this behind me.  I certainly did not look for this to happen on purpose as I was just videotaping!  I cannot believe the judge let this issue - maybe I can complain about that later but for right now I need this off my plate because THE NEXT DAY I fly to Iowa for our rally to end BSL there.  

So thank you everyone! I "just" need the $200.  The fees on myevent are pretty steep ($2.50 per donation) but this is the only site I found that allows fundraisers for legal expenses.