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Medical Volunteer Work in Malawi, Africa

Medical Volunteer Work in Malawi, Africa

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Dear Family and Friends,

Hello! I hope that you are doing well. Currently, I am living at home,  working at Bin 4 as a hostess, finishing up Chemistry 12 online, finishing my First Aid and CPR C course, applying to Camosun College for the following year, and preparing for my 6 month trip to Malawi, Africa. In January I will be volunteering through Latitude in a health clinic and rural community.

This new year offers me an exciting opportunity to travel and volunteer abroad. I am nervous but overall quite excited! Through Lattitude Global Volunteering I’ll be going on a trip to Malawi, Africa from January to July 2018. I will be placed in a home with one other volunteer, and working in the nearby clinic. The clinic will have me weighing babies, assisting with childbirth, providing immunization shots, etc... I also hope to have the chance to spend some time in their church, with the aspiration of starting a choir.  My goal is to learn and experience a new culture, to assist in providing education and health benefits to people on a daily basis and to build new relationships.  

This project gives children, women, men, families, and communities a sense of hope and happiness for a brighter future. My challenge before leaving is to raise funds to make this possible. I would personally like to raise $3,000. I am currently organizing a Malawian-themed dinner party and, hopefully, a benefit concert! Lattitude Global Volunteering has recommended a budget of $8,000: cost of company placement, immunizations, plane ticket, amenities, clothes, and food.

This is not a luxury trip; I am breaking away from the narrow path of being solely a ‘tourist’ by giving back to the local community. I will work with children, women, men, families, and communities, sharing their food and their lives. It is an important opportunity for me to share my time, passion, and energy. I also expect to learn much about myself, Malawi, and what I can do to help further. I see this experience as a way for me to learn about myself, the world, my future, at the same time as helping the communities in Malawi, Africa.

I hope that you will consider joining my efforts by investing in me and supporting my Latitude volunteering trip! Any amount will be a great help. If a financial donation is not suitable, please contact me about other options such as school supplies, feminine hygiene, sports equipment...that I may bring to the community. Thank you! Please do not hesitate to ask for more information, and I hope to have a blog while I am there to keep everyone at home updated.

Sincerely yours,

Caitlin Troughton

Thank you for getting involved! I greatly appreciate every smile, prayer, and penny. Together, we can make this a life changing journey!