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Hello friends and supporters,


I have decided to participate in the Spartan Obstacle Race at Mount Seymour on June 10th, 2017, and I'm thrilled that I now have a team mate!  Heather Turner, a friend from a boot camp, has finally decided to rescue me, and we created a team called "60 is the new 40", although we both have definitely 60 /61 year old knees unfortunately.  So time doesn't matter to either of us although we will all be wearing time chips, just the completion of the race and (trying to) have fun is the goal for us. 

I have 2 reasons for getting into this madness, despite my age, being 60, and having bad knees. (Last year 3 women over age 60 participated in Spartan Race 2016 in Vancouver.)


1.  As being a late bloomer, I wanted to try something new and different to remember my 60th year, something scary and challenging!  The race is at Mount Seymour, over 5+ km, 20+ obstacles.  If you are interested have a look at Spartan Race website.  I'm not sure if I will "have fun" doing the race at all;  it seems like a prolonged grueling boot camps back to back, 2-3 times!!


2. Our dear family friends' daughter, Ashley Brear, passed away 11 years ago after her fight with lymphoma at the age of 22. While she was fighting the cancer, she created an organization, Keep-on-Swimming, to raise the funds for cancer research and offering assistance and support to the cancer patients and their families. I've been involved with the fundraising for Keep on Swimming last 14 years as we've kept up with the fundraising effort even after Ashley's passing, and this year, I decided that I could make my personal challenge into the fundraising for KOS and remembering Ashley, her courage and hope for the cure for cancer.  KOS will donate the money to Callanish Society and/or B.C. Cancer Foundation.


I have been training with my health coach, Angela, and without her encouragement and support I could have not even thought of attempting this race. 


So if you’d like to support my cause and are able to help us, please donate any amount, and I will be very appreciative and grateful.  Tax receipt will be issued to you from Callanish Society and/or B.C. Cancer Foundation.  I will do my best in the race and will let you know the result, our photos of covered by mud, scrapes and bruises, and I hope I will be able to walk the next day!! 


Meanwhile if you have done this race or any other obstacle race like Tough Mudder, I would appreciate any tips or suggestion from you!


Thank you very much for your support!!