May 1st, Saturday 1-7 and May 2nd, Sunday 2-8 Hilton Garden Inn 6811 TraVure South Germantown, TN

Mid South Spine Symposium 2021

Meetings on Saturday afternoon from 1-7 and on Sunday morning from 8-2

There will be 12 hours of licensure renewal CE available              


Speaker lineup in development:

Dr. Lindsey Carr, Pediatrics and Women’s Health
Dr. Don Cole
Dr. Jeff Carr, Sports Medicine
Dr. Richard Pearson, Urology and Hormone Replacement Therapy
Dr. Bruce Fox, Radiology, Life University
Dr. Bradford Cole, Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
Dr. Raul Cardenas, Neurosurgery
Dr. Cody Scarbrough, Anesthesiology and Pain Management

Dr. Jude Miller, Sports & Rehab, Logan University
Dr. Rob Leach, professor Mississippi State University
Dr. Holly Tucker, Acupuncture


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