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Mike's Campaign

Mike's Campaign

Raised by 103 donors.

Hello family and friends of Mike Minyon,

On September 9th, as the state of Florida was preparing for Hurricane Irma’s historic grip, our brother Mike ensured his loved ones that he was safe. And we all sighed with relief. 

What happened next has changed the fabric of our everyday lives - and Mike’s - forever. Walt Disney World, where Mike works, was shut down for several days and so Mike and his friends were out for the evening. While driving through an intersection only a few miles from his home, another driver T-boned the vehicle. More accurately, the vehicle T-boned Mike, one of five passengers, who sustained multiple life-threatening injuries.  He has multiple broken ribs and fractures as a result; his gallbladder and spleen are gone while his liver and kidneys are in complete disarray as the force of the hit caused his seatbelt to crush his torso. 

A swift response from emergency medical workers, ER doctors, and nurses at ORMC achieved nothing short of a miracle: Mike is alive. 

Yet he is still in critical condition, in the ICU, and his situation remains precarious. After several surgeries and ongoing dialysis, his doctors have assured us his liver and kidney functions are improving and his body is inching painstakingly toward recovery. While each day is a blessing, he faces an impossibly long road ahead. And that’s why Mike needs our help. 

The extent of the trauma Mike suffered means that he won’t be able to work in the immediate future. Medical and insurance bills loom and continue to mount. Mike’s mom left her job in Pittsburgh to remain at his bedside. The family has received an overwhelming abundance of support and you’ve been asking how you can help. Your donation will be used to offset Mike’s expenses while he fights his way back to a full recovery. 

We will keep updating you all weekly and we cannot thank you enough for your support, prayers, and positive energy. Your outpouring of kindness in our hour of darkness helps so much more than we can possibly express. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


Melissa, Jessica, Joshua, Jolene, and Mario Minyon

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