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Martez Martin, Jr (aka MJ) is currently 15 yrs old, 9th grade student at Millbrook High School. He began his athletic career at the young age of 6! From the very beginning he has been told by everyone who has coached him that he is a true athlete. He enjoys and has excelled in football, basketball and track & field. Aside from being an excellent athlete he continues to maintain an A-B average in school, staying on the honor roll quarter after quarter. His work ethic and tenacity for his future is amazing to say the least. He earned the Athlete of the Year award at his 8th grade graduation ceremony with an unanimous decision from all parties of the athletic board. In his 8th grade year he participated in all 3 sports mentioned above, with one accomplishment surprisingly coming from track & field. 8th grade was the first year he participated in track and broke the schools long time record in the 100 meter dash. 

In May of 2016 MJ was hit with an unfortunate blow. He was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, which ironically was discovered when he went for a routine physical examination in order for him to continue playing the sports he loves. In June 2016, a biopsy uncovered the extent of the devastating disease, however even with this diagnosis MJ has kept his faith in his religion and within himself. His positive attitude has never waivered and he continues to excel regardless of his medical condition. 

Unfortunately due to his recent diagnosis he was unable to participate in his first love of football his first year of high school. Yet again his love and passion for the game guided him to become a manager for his former middle school football team, assisting the students and encouraging them athletically and academically.  

He did however successfully complete his first season playing on Millbrook High School's Junior Varsity basketball team in January 2017, leading his team in points/assists/rebounds. 

He is currently participating with the Juice All Stars AAU Basketball team out of Raleigh NC, however the fees associated with the participation in such a league are in upwards of $1500 not including travel expenses. 

The last year brought a lot of bad news and hardship for Martez with not only his medical diagnosis but his parents also separated.  Finances has been pretty scarce and with the added expense of his AAU dreams it's become almost impossible to cover his fees & his continued medical bills.

He is asking for your help to assist him with attaining the dreams and goals he set for himself since he was an elementary student.

Given their financial situation and his medical condition we are not sure how long he will be able to continue to play. However with our continued faith and determination we all believe he will continue to defeat this disease for as long as possible and be able to fulfill one of his goals of playing basketball on a colleaigtant level at the University of Kentucky in the fall of 2021.

Please give if you are able. Our family thanks you in advance.

The 8th grade athlete of the year award
2 days ago
He was MVP!!
6 days ago

When he played in Greensboro at the phenom camp

6 days ago

Him doing what he does

6 days ago

On the day of his kidney biopsy 

Millbrook High JV
6 days ago

His basketball pics 2016

Trophies & awards
6 days ago

here are just some of the trophies & awards Tez has received.