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Nanay Yolly's Medical Needs - Lung Cancer

Nanay Yolly's Medical Needs - Lung Cancer

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Marivic Mapesos
Marivic Mapesos

I am writing this as a daughter, asking for help from generous people like you who are reading this now. 


My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer last December 2016. It was so sudden. The first time we brought her to the hospital, that's the only time we found out everything. She undergone a series of laboratory tests to make sure about the findings. We even transferred her from Delos Santos Medical Center to National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) just to find an oncologist. It was almost Christmas holiday then so most Specialists were on vacation. After making sure that it was really a stage 4 lung cancer with bone metastases, her oncologist advised us to have chemotherapy for her. She had 7 cycles of chemotherapy from December 2016 until May 2017, which took her to an almost weekly hospital confinement. After that, her oncologist assessed her case thru CT scans and MRI and she was advised to shift to oral chemotherapy. During this drug maintenance phase, we need to bring her to the hospital for a weekly check up. Along with this she also has a monthly treatment in Chemo Unit in NKTI for the metastases to the bone (cancer cells that spread to the bones).


The hospital (NKTI - East Avenue) is almost 2-hour travel from our place (Zabarte Road, Fairview area) and sometimes even longer due to heavy traffic. We do not have our own car that's why we need to book either uber or grab every time we need to go to the hospital. We endured these things as a family and we are blessed by our extended family and friends who had been standing with us all throughout this battle. My mom has been fighting this fight of faith and we are with her all the way. Although after almost 7 months, the report was that there was just a little improvement, we are very thankful. We are thankful that at least cancer cells did not proliferate and are contained. 


Two weeks ago, we brought her back to the hospital because she cannot eat properly. She was confined and monitored because of her stomach pain. By God's grace, she was discharged after almost 2 weeks in the hospital. Today, we reached exactly 7 months. Our finances were depleted already. We have a lot of debts left and right. We maximized asking from the Philippine government charity office (called PCSO). Majority of close relatives and close friends gave a lot, from finances to food, and medicine. All of these things helped my mom and our family a lot. Then another battle for continuous oral chemotherapy. It is too costly because she needs to take it everyday. Her oral chemotherapy in addition to it her monthly bone treatment and many other medications to boost her immune system and support her body as she undergo all the treatments.


We are looking for more ways to support her needs thus this FUND RAISING ad is created. We are knocking to your generous hearts. Any amount will surely make a big impact in getting us through. We are in faith and we strongly believe that my mom will be healed soon. We are humbly asking for your prayers too. Be in faith with us as we believe that she will be healed. We do thank you in advance and we appreciate your generosity to help my mom. My dad, my mom, my brother and I will be forever grateful and appreciate your kindness. Thank you once again. God bless you all!