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Helping Hands - Lets Help Micky Recover
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Mickey is 32 years old, a great husband and father of four wonderful kids.  
A Hard working man, Devoted father who cares on for the well being of others, and Unfortunately, on March 17th, 2017, micky fell from a roof.  Sadly He broke his arm and shattered the other leaving him laid up in a hospital awaiting surgery,   as he could have easily died or ended up paralyzed.  His left arm is shattered and will need surgery.  Because he will not be able to work  though it is a medical emergency. 

For the future he will need constant help, as he won't be able to feed himself or do much else on his own.  He will not be able to work, and will have a reduced income. I am asking to raise $10,000, of which a portion will go towards booking a therapy and the remainder will go towards supplementing his income to help support his family during this difficult time.

Please help Us raise the funds, we appreciate any support!
Thank you, God bless!

P.S. When the incident occurred 911 was called immediately and couple of times after, as it took the Milton ambulance 1.5 hrs to get to him, and he was only about 2 km away from the hospital. The response was "we'll get there when we get there". Very hard to believe but true..