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Annual Charity-Nourish the Children

Annual Charity-Nourish the Children

Raised by 2 donors.

100% of your Donation, goes directly to Nourish the Children.

1 Bag of Vitameal feeds 1 child for 30 days. We purchase the Vitameal in your behalf and donate it directly.

With Nourish the Children, you know what your money will buy—nutritious VitaMeal.

You know that your donated VitaMeal will be used—to nourish children in need.

You know that your donations will be leveraged at 1 to 1 (for every bag you purchase, Nuskin will donate 1 bag.

You know that you are making a difference, with more than 130,000 children being nourished every day in countries around the world.

Purchase and donate VitaMeal with a Contribution of $145.00, it will feed 5 children during the month of December (Holiday Season), for 30 days.  MAKE A DIFFERENCE.