Stride for Peace! Lace up for the inaugural 5k Pace4Peace on Saturday, May 4, 2024 at Bird's Fort Trail Park in Irving Texas. Join us in stepping forward for mental and physical wellness, promoting peace with every stride. Don't miss out—run, jog, or walk with us towards a healthier, more peaceful tomorrow.


The Pace4Peace run/walk promotes the awareness on how we stride for being in peace with ourselves by taking care of our Physical and Mental health so we can share love with friends, families and communities we live in for even better Well-Being.


· Improved overall well-being: Be in peace with ourselves helps our Mental well-being to  reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, while increases energy levels, improve sleep, and overall physical health.

· Enhanced resilience: A calm and balanced mindset helps us navigate stressful situations more effectively, while physical well-being strengthens our ability to cope with physical demands and recover from illness or injury. This resilience allows us to bounce back stronger and maintain a positive outlook during difficult times.

Investing in peace across both domains sets a strong foundation for sustainable health and well-being in the future.


Please see the Event Details page for more information.

Ticket price includes a Pace4Peace T-Shirt and a water bottle.

Important: Please register all participants individually to ensure that everyone receives a T-shirt.



Thank you for your support! 


Our Goal
$7,216.22 of $7,500.00 raised