Paraiso Family Reunion 2021

Usually we get together for a sad occasion.  We always say we need to get together more often.  Well, let's do it!  Luis Paraiso and Greg Aglipay are planning a Paraiso Family Reunion for the summer of 2021.  Our destination is Orlando, FL.   We've scoured most of North America looking for the perfect place that fits within various budgets where we can all be together.  Our intention is to rent a large house that will fit 30 - 60 people.  The advantage of doing this is food and lodging at a lower cost compared to each family/person paying for their own separate hotel room.  Orlando is a nice spot because it's affordable, accomodating to large groups, and the weather is nice.  Other cities were either too expensive or did not have spaces large enough for our clan.  Plus, we will all be together under one roof! 

Once we get a solid head count of who is and isn't going, we will break down how much it will cost each person for food and lodging.  Travel will NOT be included in this price estimate. Unfortunately, we cannot come up with pricing until we have a good head count.  Our early estimates are that food and lodging will cost approximately $125 per person.  (subject to changed depending on housing availability) Again, this does NOT include travel expenses to Orlando.  However, that $125 will cover your portion of the house for 4days/3nights and food for groceries.  Not $125 per night, but $125 for the whole weekeend.  Since a down payment is needed on the rental house, this money will need to be collected by October of 2020.  So, if you're in, expect to pay approximately $125 per person (the more people who attend, the lower this average will be).  Failure to pay, means you cannot attend and will be labeled Kawawa!  Knowing us, we will probably talk about you when you aren't there to defend yourself.  KawawaX2!  

Just save up some money.  It's not until Summer 2021.  Saving $50 every 2 weeks for the next 12 months = $1,200!  (This is USD not Canadian...we don't use the metric system, so I don't know how to convert that).  This covers your $125 for the house, leaving $1,075 for airfare/gas/booze (if you're old enough)/speedos/extra panty/more food.


We are also using WhatsApp to communicate with each other and to provide important updates.  WhatsApp can be downloaded to any iPhone or Adroid device.  To be added to the group chat, please contact Luis or Greg to add you.


Who's coming

About the organizer

Greg Aglipay, son of Norma Paraiso

Luis Paraiso, son of Oscar Paraiso