"Their meat will not reach Allāh, nor will their blood, but what reaches Him is piety from you. Thus have We subjected them to you that you may glorify Allāh for that [to] which He has guided you; and give good tidings to the doers of good." (22:37)


The time’s going by so fast and Eid Al Adha is almost here. We have started our preparations as we have been doing for the last 10 years. This year we are going to send you the video of your qurbanis being slaughtered, as we did last year. 

We will be working in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Yemen, Africa, Syria and Yemen, and we will try to slaughter as much as we can in Gaza. You can take part with 1 or more shares for a big animal (Syria might be small or big animal).

Don’t forget that the people in these countries are not able to eat meat more than a couple of times a year. 

The Eid will be a great Eid when we share with our brothers and sisters. They will be able to eat qurbani as we do in our homes. Let’s turn qurbani into piety!

Our prices for Qurbani are as below:

Asia, Africa ......... $120
(Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Uganda, Madagascar)

Yemen......... $160
Syria......... $350

PS: When you donate, you confirm that you have authorized us to slaughter and distribute your qurbani