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Help Rafael defeat PD....his battle

Help Rafael defeat PD....his battle

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In 2007 I got a diagnostic of PD (Parkinson's Disease).... I was 43 years old and it changed my life for ever.  At the beginning I was renegade and thought it was not won't happen to me.... I denied it.....I got sad....and finally accepted it and decided to "fight" not to "flight".  i still remember that my lovely wife, always staying to my side in this journey, told me that I had presented all the physological stages the people usually go through when handling very hard events in their lives but the most remarkable decision comes at the final stage....I mean to fight.  Ten years later I still fighting but the time and the illness progress had eroded my strenght and my mood.

At the beginning of my illness I started to use natural supplements, exercise and improved diet.  Also I pursued to keep playing bass, my passionate hobby (also my own physical and physicological therapy).  Gradually after a couple of years, I got no other choice to increase the intake of medications to help aliviate the symptoms but at the same time it were accumulating very harmful side effects.  At the present those side effects are of such a significance over those of the PD itself, that I had to stop one of the medications and it induced me to a very deep depression I have never ever felt before.  I can not explain how terrible I felt.   The positive result obtained from that was to keep me praying harder and to set aside my pride to ask for help from friends and relatives.

Because of the illness I had to left behind my CPA career, my office, properties and a general financial wealth.  My financial resources thereafter were down the hill quickly and then I had to take a hard decision about to keep investing in my illness or in my family.  I chose my family by helping  my wife and my kids and I don't regret about it.  My wife enrolled university and got a master degree and my kids got college.  They are at differents college levels now but enough guided to they keep flying with their own wings.   We are now trying to rebuilt our finances most with the efforts of my wife but it will take time and my time is running out.   There are innovative medical developments but there are very expensive and not affordable to me now.  I am proud to said I was a succesfull entrepreneur and professional and those who knew me first can attest to that.  It's not easy to me to ask for fiancial help from you to keep me fighting but you may turn the final score cards to my favor and make me win the battle.........I am feeling free of spirit and healed in my soul.....blessings to everyone may read this post......