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Rally for Rhonda

Rally for Rhonda

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As most of you already know, our sweet friend Rhonda Brewer was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (incurable) on April 21. She is currently being treated with a chemo pill and an estrogen blocker and will be having surgery soon to remove her ovaries (her cancer is Estrogen positive meaning Estrogen “feeds” the cancer). Right now, the medicine she is on does not usually make her sick but she does have some side effects and is generally tired most days.

She will be headed to the U of M for a second opinion to see if there are any other options to kick cancers ass!!! Clearly this is going to be expensive process for Rhonda. Navigating the health care system and the costs involved will be an ongoing battle. She is also seeking out Holistic treatment which is not covered by Insurance.

Rhonda is a single parent, self-employed and worried about how long she will be able to work at the pace she normally goes at. She could qualify for disability but it would not be enough for her to support herself and Sophie. She would also like to plan some “bucket list” items while her health is good (she is praying for many years but with this diagnosis you just never know).

We would love to take some of the financial burden off Rhonda so she can focus on her health, wellbeing and her children.


I know that EVERYONE wants to know how they can help - well here it is!!