Ray Perry's Auto Body Garage

Ray Perry's Auto Body Garage

Raised by 7 donors.

Ray Perry has owned and operated his auto body business in McKeesport, PA since 1973.  Ray has been painting, detailing, and performing body work on vehicles over the past four decades.  During this time, he has helped many people over the years without any hesitation.  In doing so, he has helped those individuals in financial hardship, putting their needs before his own. 

After the many storms that Pittsburgh has accrued over the past few months including flash flooding and landslides that have left our community in despair, Ray’s garage was no exception. In June of 2018, the storm brought on heavy rains which caused a landslide that impacted the foundation to the rear of the building causing it to collapse.  To give you an idea, the dimension of the impact was approximately 10 feet in height across 40 feet in length.   The landslide knocked out the foundation wall, as seen in the photographs (which can also be viewed in "Updates").  To date, FEMA denied assistance with repairing the damage.  

The building is not only his business but also his residency.  His home is now being held up by beams, stilts on concrete blocks, as shown in the photographs.  Ray has been diagnosed with glaucoma and is on disability. For those that know Ray, he is a proud man and would rarely ask for help unless absolutely necessary.  The aftermath has left Ray in dire need of assistance and that is why we need your help. 

Your donation will be used to begin the repairs required.  The hillside needs to be excavated to remove the existing dirt that came in from the landslides.  Following removal, he will need to start rebuilding the foundation of his home and business before winter.  

We will update you with any changes and cannot thank you enough for your generosity and support.  Ray is appreciative of any donation you can give, no matter how big or small.  

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