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God Is Good Amen

God Is Good Amen

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First of all I wanna give God the praise for giving me courage to ask some strangers for help cause you gotta have faith Amen I'm 33 years old and I'm a very hard worker and and just want to make my dreams come true which is every woman dream and that's to have a big wedding one to remember I've or should I say my family and I aren't able to pay for a big wedding because mostly everyone in my family used justice of the peace so I decided to reach out for help to plan my wedding and to those who donate to please join us if it's possible and I even want buy house I'm living in my landlord came to a nice deal I just can't afford to pay $10.000 after paying  all of my bills so this is why I'm asking for help to pay $10.000 for a house I've been living in for 8 years & a very big wedding