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Rory Bochniak Benefit

Rory Bochniak Benefit

Raised by 51 donors.

Our story began almost 8 years ago when we met ... but this new chapter begins on August 7, 2017, one day after our six year anniversary. It finds us holding hands inside the office of a neurologist, not surprised by the potential diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer's (one kind of dementia) but praying it wasn't. We were then told it would take literally months for the testing but with some tenacity and the grace of God, we were not left on pins and needles but had the confirmation on August 16. The shock was that this appears to be rapidly progressing.

And so begins our new normal. We are walking into unknown territory. Of the 5.5 million people with Alzheimer's in the US, only 200,00 of those are younger than 65. That's only 5%.  As of today there is no cure, no proven treatments and for many, little hope.

So little is known, but we know that there are some absolutes in this world. God is good. He has not left us and will not. We remain hopeful. 

We are praying for time. Time together. And for a radical healing! 

We know that even in this we are blessed. Blessed with a deep love for each other and a strong marriage. Blessed with  amazing family and friends that are supporting us, and an incredible church family. Blessed with our family at Burnsville Police Dept. We are so grateful. 

Rory is an extraordinary man, giving his entire career to laying his life down for others. He loves his family beyond words and is fiercely protective of all of us. He is also humble and not wanting to be in the spotlight.  He is more comfortable serving than he is being in need.

Please know that all of your prayers are lifting us up and we are touched by the overwhelming response of support.  

Thank you doesn't seem like enough. Please know we thank God for each and every one of you! 

Rory and Dede Bochniak