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Santa Cause

Santa Cause

Kacey Gallup
Kacey Gallup

"Santa Cause" is a super charity, supporting exsisting charities in Walworth County referred to as: "The Twelve Charities of Christmas" & performs Random Acts of Kindness throughout our community.

Join us at our Tree Festival! Each charity creates a themed winter wonderland by first decorating a Christmas tree.  Next, they surround their tree with an abundance of marvelous prizes, all based on their selected theme. When visitors attend the “Tree Festival” they can purchase raffle tickets to enter into any of the “Twelve Charities of Christmas” raffle boxes.  They have a chance to win the grand prize and/or many other prizes (last years prizes included a trip to Hawaii, Florida, a moped, tv, and much more)! 

100% of the “Tree Festival” proceeds go directly to the charities.