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Kenna's Sex Ed Summer Tour
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Kenna's Sex Ed Summer Tour
Created on June 18, 2017
Kenna Cook

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This year, I have taken my sex educating to the next level by teaching, live streaming, presenting and publishing about sex positivity and owning your pleasure. I listened to my heart to follow my passion - and this summer, that passion is taking me to 2 sexuality conferences: Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in Virginia and CatalystCon in Los Angeles.

Working a full time muggle job and raising 2 kiddos solo means that sex education fills my soul, takes all my free time and drains my pockets.

I'm asking YOU  to help me live my dreams and take my sex education on the road this summer.


  • Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit

August 4-6 in Virginia

Travel costs: $750

  • CatalystCon (I'm a presenter here!)

Sept 15-17 in Los Angeles

Travel costs: $250

PS - my 30th birthday is September 13, so this will also be my birthday gift!

If you want to see more of what I've been up to this year, check out my Twitter (@mamacookling) or my blog (

Woodhull was AMAZING!!!
2 weeks ago

Thank you so much to the 12 people that helped me raise $500 to get to DC for the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit! It was an amazing event where i got to connect with handfuls of sex educators, doctors, professors, sex bloggers and other sex geeks about the vital work we are all doing around sex education and sexual freedom.

My next stop on the Sex Ed Summer Tour is Los Angeles on Sept. 15-17. I will be presenting on a panel for Raising Sex-Positive Kids! I still need to get airfare ($200) and a hotel ($300) so please donate to my finances if you can!

4 weeks ago

Beautiful people, thank you so so much for helping me raise almost $500 to bring my sex-positive, consent-based, queer-focused sex education across the country this summer!! You all are the real MVPs!

As a thank you, I will be sending postcards from my travels! If you want to receive one, send me your mailing info to my email:

Thank you again from the bottom of my rainbow-colored heart

Halfway to my July 10 goal!!
4 weeks ago

Hello lovelies!

Thank you so much to the AMAZING memebers of my sex positive circle that have helped me raise half of the $500 I need to buy my plane ticket to Virgina/DC to attend Woodhull's Sexual Freedom Summit!


Want to know why I'm a good investment and how this support will help build my brand? 

  Currently, I am working with, an online streaming sex education platform launching in fall, to build my brand as the face of sex positive parenting. I will have my own channel ,and plans to make their product subscription-based, so I will be paid for my work.   I have also begun working for SFSU as part of their 5 year research study with gay couples and HIV risk behaviors. I will be an interventionist, teaching classes in men's health and couples communication - the crux of the study.   Attending and presenting at these two conferences are helping me to establish a physical presence in the sex education world. Most of my influence has been online - which is amazing for reaching people far and wide - but I am ready to be a physical force of sex education and sex positive parenting. Showing up and standing up for the work I am doing each day.