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Shelter of Hope

Shelter of Hope

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Jessica Mary du Bois
Jessica Mary du Bois

The Shelter of Hope was founded in 2017 by Marwan Alobeido. It serves and cares for animals that have been abandoned due to family displacement due to war. The Shelter was recently extended to accommodate an ever growing number of cats. We accommodate dozens of stray cats that we have rescued off the streets of war torn regions where conditions are very harsh and very dangerous. Our team enters these areas at great risk to their own safety and will continue to do so until every cat has been saved and brought to the Shelter where they will receive daily food and fresh water and medical care. They will also receive love and care and tenderness. We are also in the process of building  a fully equipped veterinary clinic so that we always have free veterinary care available on site for all the cats. All the male cats will be neutered as soon as possible and all the cats will receive wonderful medical care. We believe in the rights of animals. They are innocent victims of a man made conflict and they have a right to live in peace and safety. Please help us to achieve this cintinually by financially supporting our work. Thank you...