Show 2

Song Secrets Series


Sunday January 29th at 3 pm est 

Tranzac 292 Brunswick avenue in the "Living Room"

Listen and or interact with songwriters interviewing songwriters singing and playing their songs. Drink tea and eat homemade cookies on a January afternoon in really comfortable chairs.


Our two featured songwriters for this 2nd show are Paul Kolinski and Todd Harrison. 


Paul Kolinski is a Toronto-based musician and teacher. He is a bandleader (Heavy On The Willie, Silent Five), an accompanist, a recording engineer, a singer and a multi-instrumentalist. He released Heavy On The Willieʼ s eponymous cd at the Cameron House in December 2015 and his song “Vote That Fucker Out!” got 100,000 views on Youtube and Vimeo combined during the Canadian federal election in October 2015. Heavy On The Willie plays often at the Cameron House, the Tranzac, and other music venues around Toronto. His current release is an ambient instrumental electric guitar album called “TransLabrador” on


Todd Harrison is a Toronto-based musician, writer, teacher, dad, and cities nerd. He loves bringing people together and trying new things, so shields up: he has more than just a clutch of tunes in store for you. Todd has been making music and curating communities for 25 years, most recently via his weekly Virtual Open Mic -- going strong since mid-March 2020. His songs feature off-kilter melodies (intentional and otherwise), hardly any choruses, and lyrics about weird dreams, being kept waiting, other people's songs, nervous breakdowns, imagined catastrophes, and the Prince Edward Viaduct.



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About the organizer

Hi - you might remember Support the Arts Cabaret when we were isolated during the pandemic?  Well, this is an extension of this concept but mostly in real life. It is being held at the Tranzac (292 Brunswick Ave) in the "Living Room"  - it is an in-person event.  Sunday, January 29th at 3:00 pm est

The concept is songwriters interview songwriters and vice versa.  Come listen and interact in the wild with them while they play their stories.  Drink tea and eat homemade cookies on a January afternoon in really comfortable chairs. We are partnering with Harmony to invite the audience to sing along to pop anthems that different guests will lead us in before Song Secrets concert and afterwards! We will explain more at the show!

This is the 2nd show in a series of 6.  This 2nd show will feature Paul Kolinski and Todd Harrison.