Support STAR animal sanctuary

Support STAR animal sanctuary

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STAR Team for Animal Rescue
STAR Team for Animal Rescue

This funds is to pay the annual rent for STAR (Syrian Team for Animal Rescues) animal shelter/sanctuary.  
Three years ago having a safe place for stray animals to call it home was a dream, but we dared to dream it and despite the war and all obstacles and difficulties we made it happened. With your help, support and generous donations STAR came to life and become a warm safe home for over 1000 Syrian stray rescued dogs and cats.  
Almost all of our animals are rescued from near death situations, and they need a lot of medical care, therefore the medical bills are stacking up and  most donations go to,  leaving us with very little money to pay the rent. 
Now, and more than ever we desperately need your help and support to keep STAR open for the animals.  We must pay the annual rent at the end of January, or STAR will be forced to close and all the animals will go back to the street, where they will suffer hunger, illness, torture and most likely die alone.
Your donation will give them a second chance of peaceful life, without going hungry and scared again. There is no small donation, all donations are great gift and we are forever grateful.  

Love from STAR <3

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