Support the Arts: Cabaret Series Guelph

GUELPH SHOW: Sunday, JUNE 14 at 3 pm SOLD OUT! 

Jessy Bell Smith:

Dave Withers:

Nicolette Hoang:

Nathan Lawr:

Jeff Bird and Sue Smith:   and

Guelph show info here:

Ottawa Cabaret

Tickets are now available for the Ottawa Cabaret on May 28th at 3 pm:

About the organizer

As we are on lock down, we are inviting old chums and new chums to participate in an online one-hour concert.  

How will this work, you ask?  These concerts will be hosted on Zoom, a video platform that is super easy to use. You will watch from the comfort of your own home and the performers will play from their homes.  It will be interactive in that you will also have the option to be on camera as an audience member and will have the opportunity to applaud between performers to show some love - just like at a real live event  (you remember real life right?). When you purchase your ticket you will be asked for your email. We need your email to send you the Zoom link the day-of the concert. If you dont have Zoom on your computer, you will need to download it.  It will be best to watch the concert on a regular sized screen but your phone will work also.  Zoom is easy to use.  One ticket  gives  your whole family access to the show by watching it together on one screen.  We will have an Emcee /Host and a Co Host that will help with any technical issues.  ALL of the proceeds raised will go to the artists!  Tickets are $20 plus usual processing fees.