The Burglars are a 5-piece band of weekend warriors that love to rock out the classics.
Three of its members: keyboardist Michael Mendelson, bassist Michael Lebhar and lead guitarist Chad Tuppert had the honour of playing in Battle of the Bands #12 with NKOTW.
Now with Minos Roussakis on lead vocals / guitar, and Geoff Chadsey on drums, we all look forward to transforming into and becoming The Who for this iconic throwback Woodstock event.

We hope that you will all open your wallets wide for this amazing and ever important Maimonides fundraiser, …just make sure you still have your wallets after a Burglar performance!

Band Members:

• Geoff Chadsey: Drums
• Michael Lebhar: Bass
• Michael Mendelson: Keyboards
• Minos Roussakis: Lead Vocals & Guitar
• Chad Tuppert: Lead Guitar


$8,835.00 of $15,000.00
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