Dame Kingdom -
Saturday, October 28, 2023


The African Kingdom of Dame’ is now ladled with crime, corruption, and deceit. Meanwhile, The Resistance is rising, leaving messages all over the Kingdom; advising evildoers that they are being watched and their days are numbered. Reports from varying sources say the growing presence of The Resistance has caused The System to become distrustful of the towns people and certain members of its own criminal organization. Sources say this criminal organization is responsible for at least 50 deaths in the tri-state area of the Kingdom. One survivor and former member says, "Anyone who stands up or speaks out against The System will die." In a telephone interview with a TV 2 News Reporter he, could be heard whimpering and repeatedly stating, "I'm a dead man walking.

I've accepted it. I fear for the lives of my family. The System will do anything to make sure I don't testify against them."

After that horrific story went viral, many residents are taking up arms and turning to African Spirituality to fight down oppression. A few amongst you are Seers having close connections with Our Ancestors. Seek them out to find the one who can severe the snake’s head. The Dame’ Kingdom Police Department (DKPD) have warned against villagers becoming vigilantes stating no one is above the law and any person found or suspected will be put on trial and punished.

When the clock strikes midnight, The System's onslaught begins and The Resistance arise to do the works of Jah. 

To prevent criminals and vigilantes from overtaking the city, the African Medicine Man has been working on an enchantment that makes everyone rest at night, but it hasn’t been perfected. Not only does it give some people superhuman powers but its ineffective against the Griots. Once you are called upon by the Griots, you must arise and act.  


Quickly figure out who the people amongst you are and if you will help or eliminate them. The System in a secret message to the Associated Press have vowed to bring destruction to the Kingdom.  The Resistance has pledged to restore peace and bring justice to all who seek to undermine the future of Dame’ and deprive its citizens of a peaceful habitation.

Will you succeed?