What have our leaders done to the US?
What have our leaders done to the US?

Welcome to the 2/3rds majority website (for those with "common sense").

This site is dedicated to you, the 2/3rds majority of reasonable Americans. You are the 134,000,000 of 200,000,000 eligible voters- Republicans, Democrats and Independents. 

You may not agree on some issues such as gun control or capital punishment, but you DO agree on most of the extremely important issues that strongly affect the welfare of our country, like the problems outlined in "Fix 10 Problems"(click left). These are obvious problems that at least 2/3rds of Americans want fixed. Yet our leaders have ignored the demands of our vast majority, played partisan politics, and catered to the rich and other special interest groups. So, enough of "politics as usual" and our "Do nothing leaders". 

Let's finally get these major problems solved!

Please browse this website to see how we CAN begin to accomplish this now, and on November 2nd, 2010 (and every election until they finally resolve the problems)....Then, act and forward this website address to everyone you know (www.twothirdsmajority.org)

Edward Jr. 
(a concerned citizen and member of our two thirds majority)

NOTE: This website was originally opened to the public just 7 weeks before the Nov. 2006 elections and continued through the 2010 elections (along with other websites dedicated to voting out incumbents like VOID.org etc.). There was a significant movement to vote out encumbents with many new leaders elected. We will now see if our new mix of leaders will actually fix most of the 10 problems in the next 2 years. We can hope so.... Most likely, little will be accomplished. We should begin preparing again now by telling our leaders we are committed to "VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS" in 2012 and every 2 years election cycle if they don't fix our 10 Problems ASAP! (Please check back with this website every month or so for new information and our final plan and campaign to pressure our leaders and vote out all incumbents if the job isn't done right)

*This website can also be accessed from twothirdsmajority.us, twothirdsofus.org or


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