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Just to avoid confusion this is just a reminder regarding entrance to the reunion on Saturday, May 14th. Registration begins at 5:00 and tickets may be purchased at the door for $50.00. The tickets are still available for $45.00 dollars on line through April 30th.

Even if you just want to come later in the evening to hear the band and visit, everyone needs a ticket for entrance. There are no reduced-price tickets available for this event. The ticket price pays for the venue, food, bar tenders, security, wait staff, and decorations. 

Any residual funds after the bills are paid will be going into the Fred Konrath and Harry Meyer scholarship that were established by the classes of 1971 & 1972 in 2017 through the White Bear Lake Area Educational Foundation. Please see the donate page for further information on the scholarship.


Thank you for supporting the Class of 1971 by attending our 50th reunion.

Please note: Due to our financial obligation to the White Bear Country Inn Event Center, reunion ticket sales are non refundable.

We are so excited to see all of you on May 14th. Go Bears!

The Reunion Committee

Who's coming
145 people are attending this event
Jan Odegard
Craig Witthaus
Peggy Witthaus
Steve Marier
Peggy Koegel (Sherer)
Carol Kratz
Rick Tentis
Bonnie Tentis
Paul Silverberg
Karen Carpentier Silverberg
Mary Jansma
Kevin Coghlan
Cathy Coghlan
Stephanie Koppa Rogness
Robert Rogness
Joseph, Joe Brebis
Kris Nelson Kelly
Marilyn Lea Porter
Tom Bracken
Susan West Bracken
Daniel Petersen
Mike Anderson
Clarice (Kari) McDermaid
Ric McDermaid
Kevin Smith
Theresa (Terri) Moore
Don Glewwe
Nancy Peterson Glewwe
Pam Shubat
Tom Burke
Colleen (Burrill) Payette
Bill Powell
Kathy Boden
Shelley Woodbury
Gary Minlschmidt
Kay Deranek Mezzano
Dan Gunderson
Nancy Gunderson
Ann Smith
Linda Nontelle (Anderson)
Helen (Jensen) Pratt
Rick Pratt

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