Our Progress (from donations and ticket sales)
$14,763.00 raised

We have set up a donation page for those who can and are willing to assist in supporting our 50th class reunion and also West High school.  The purpose of a donation is to:

  1. Help support the administrative costs of planning and organizing the reunion (e.g., website, postage, supplies for the reunion).
  2. Help keep the attendee registration fee of the reunion to a reasonable amount to make the reunion affordable for all. 
  3. Possibly provide a gift to West High school from the Class of 1972 with remaining funds to help enhance some need for the school. This will be determined after the reunion and with recommendation and support of donors.
  • Donations are entirely optional, and help us keep the ticket costs affordable for all (i.e., $50/person). 
  • These funds will be handled and administered by the reunion committee. 
  • Donations will not count toward a participant’s actual registration fee for the reunion.  
  • If you prefer donating by check, please make it out to "Madison West Class of 1972" and send to Linda (Connelly) Peterson, 709 Diving Hawk Trail, Madison WI 53713 OR Sue (Greene) Meyer, 2814 McKenna Blvd, Madison WI 53719.
Our donations

Thanks for your generous donation!

As of June 26, 2022, we have received over $5,800 in donations from 39 classmates, including Bob Lucas, Pat and Katie (L'Heureux) Remington, Stephanie Quinn, Ginny Rohlich, Bear Phillips, Thom Potratz, Sandy Rotter, Bob Emmerich, David Berlow, Michael O'Brien, Jay Simon, Terry (Smith) Hoxmeier, Jeff Gusinow, June (Miller) Wolf, Mark Hambrecht, Dianne (Owen) Bowman, Ilsa Schwarz, Tom Bradley, Dirk Bakken, Lisa Korf, Monty Schiro, Sherry (Guimond) Pender Auker, Kathy and Dave Waisman, Ellen Simmons, Kristin Hovanec, Mike Lunda, Jeffrey Sachs, David Coronna, Jay Bruner, Linda (Raymond) Powers, Janet Zitzer, Craig Hungerford, Mark Clodius, Margie Zutter, Kristie Annen, Betsy (Payton) Duren, Peter Tuhus, Glenda Woosley, and several anonymous donors!