Buy your "tickets" here

This page is for purchasing "tickets" to attend the reunion on Saturday, August 27th (5-11 PM), at the Blackhawk Country Club.

Please note: The term "ticket" is what we use to indicate that you have paid for the Sat night event. You won't get any ticket, but instead, we'll have your name on the list when you arrive at the event. 

Who's coming

This is the list of people who have purchased their ticket(s).

177 people are attending this event
Julie Jacobs (Rennebohm)
Tom Jacobs (Guest)
Tom McHugh
Tommi Scheler
Becky Kleppe Schneider (Kleppe)
Thomas Muckler
Gary Saunders
Dorota Saunders (Guest)
Robert Curry
Jane Warncke (Price)
Rob Warncke (Guest)
Dick Mueller
Susan Durham (Guest)
Susan Rotter (Guest)
Sandy Rotter
Martin Haeberli
Tracey Grown (Guest)
Teresa Mertens-Pellitteri
Lori Mertens-Pellitteri (Guest
Sheila Pokriefke (Wall)
Richard Thompson
Sarah Thompson (Guest)
Cynthia Boone Walley (Boone)
Wayne Eslyn
David Shea
Cheryl Shea (Guest)
Dave Waisman
Kathy Waisman (Anderson)
Nancy Crawford (Sattler)
Robert Crawford (Guest)
Beth Kingston (Engerman)
John Kingston (Guest)
Steve Zimmer
Jean Zimmer (Guest)
Shelly Dutch
Chuck Callender (Guest)
Kathryn Fleming
Diane Owen Bowman
Diana Davison
Peter Tuhus
Nancy Nelson
Sharon Wiser-Swan (Guest)
Karla Boreiko (Dunn)
Michael Sinha
Betsy Duren (Payton)
Julie Roach (Hunt)