July 21 - 23, 2023

"The Legacy Continues"

Hi everyone! It's so good to see the initial excitement around the 2023 Williams-Booker Family Reunion! We're ecstatic to host it in our Nation's Capitol - Washington, DC - and can't wait to see the family!
Just a few notes. First, myself (Nikki) and Patrica Sims, are the daughters of the late Doris Pugh (Baylor) and granddaughters of the late Charlesetta Baylor (Nicholson). We are hosting the family reunion along with our cousin Andrew Baylor, son of Earl Baylor and grandson of Charlesetta Baylor (Nicholson). If you have any questions regarding the reunion, please feel free to reach out to one of us.
If you haven't already, please create a profile on the Family Page. It will allow us to connect with our family before the reunion. Plus, there's cool features like the Memorial Page and Recipe Page that give us a place to share family history and information easily. We ask that you please share the website with family, so we can make the most of connecting online before seeing each other in-person.
We will update everyone with registration and hotel block information by mid-October.
Until then, stay safe and blessed.
Thank you!
Nikki, Pat, and Andrew
"The Legacy Continues"