Frequently Asked Questions
Can anyone take part in the Cycle to Soar benefit for Eagle Mount?

Everyone is welcome to start or join a team. All teams are required to have 6 people to each ride a 20-minute heat during the event on Saturday, April 1, 8am - noon at the YMCA. Team members not riding a heat can show up to cheer on their team and join in the festivities. Or cheer from afar and not attend at all. But why miss all the fun?

How do I get started?

Go to the menu button in the upper right hand corner and click on "register".

Team Theme? What's that?

Feel free to have fun with this event - theme your team in whatever creative way you want. If you are taking part in honor or memory of someone, start there!

What are competitive vs. non-competitive teams?

When teams sign up, they indicate whether they are taking part competitively or non-competitively. At the event, competitive teams will be placed near one another to compete for the most miles as a team. Non-competitive teams will record their personal best times and just have fun.

How will the winners be determined?

There are two ways to win - ride the most miles or raise the most money. The top 3 teams
in each category will be awarded prizes and praise! Honestly though, everyone who takes part should feel like a winner for the difference they are making in the lives of others.

How can I volunteer?

There are lots of wonderful ways for volunteers to help with this event - and all that Eagle Mount does to enhance the lives of others. Visit our website here.

How are the dollars used?

All funds raised stay here in our community to enhance the lives of others through the adaptive recreation programs of Eagle Mount Billings. Our partnership with the YMCA ensures we have a well-respected local partner to co-host the event. All proceeds will directly benefit Eagle Mount.