How it works

Gear up your hiking boots select the day and time of your choice in the tickets section. Then choose the numbers of people you are registering in your group in the drop down to the right. Fill in their names and ages,then hit submit on the bottom. You will receive a confirmation email from the event page. 

Making Hiking Fun With A Furry Buddy

We offer the chance to hike with goats, goats can be very entertaining to hike with. They tend to play while they hike, they jump on the stumps and rocks, along with running and throwing some side kicks. They have the natural instinct to play follow the leader, which makes them great hiking companions. They are even more well behaved than dogs because they do not run off after squirrels, they are scared of squirrels. They tend to stay right with the leader and close to each other. Hiking with goats makes it fun to get ourselves out and exercise.


Who Can Join In On The Hikes?

People of all ages are allowed to join in on the fun. Children should be accompanied by an adult. Feel free to bring even your baby. You must bring your own baby/toddler backpack carrier. Elderly are also welcome as long as they are comfortable with hiking on different terrain.


How Long Are The Hikes For?

Typically we will take them out for roughly an hour at a time. They too can get tired and do not have the same stamina as a Alpaca or Llama. We tend to bring as little as possible on the hikes. Therefore we do not carry water for the goats. After an hour they are ready for a nice cold refreshment of water.


What Do I Need To Bring On The Hikes?

You would need the appropiate hiking gear. Good hiking boots is a must because the trails can be rocky. Also warm clothes because we all know how New England can be. And of course a bottle of water.


How Big Of A Group Can Go?

The group can be as small as just 1 person or as large as 14 people at a time. Feel free to surprise a loved one for their birthday but inviting the whole party to hike. Each person will have their own goat to hike with. The farm owner can help you pick the goat you would like to hike with. 


How Do I Book A Hike?

Click the tickets link above to register your spot for a Hike. We tend to only hike in the Sunlight. We are booking the hikes on Weekends at this time but weekdays will be added once Mother Nature gives us more Sunlight.