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Add your profile on the Classmates page and feel free to upload some photos to be published on the site.
Share this website with as many of our classmates as possible and ask everyone to register.
More to come!


Photos are being uploaded by the attendees on the photos page. Please check it out. At this time MyEvent needs me to approve photos for posting. I want to stop doing that and will keep working on firing myself from this position. So be aware that I have to click something on a page in order for y...

After some socializing someone suggested we do this again. Some times were kicked around and 5 years seemed to be agreeable to most. So we are planning to do this again. But due to 5 year due date it will be kinda slow. So keep checking back or be sure that we get your email address at jhhs72reun...

You can contact us via jhhs72reunion@gmail.com


Reunion Class of 72 John Hersey High

TIme for our 50th reunion! Please 'RSVP' your interest to jhhs72reunion@gmail.com.

In addition if you are interested in helping get this organized let us know in the email.


Date: September 30th, 2022

Time: 7:00pm CDT