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Elizabeth Brunner (Green)

Grandparents Names:
Armspert Green, Sr. and Addie Mae Jones (Green/Snowden)
Marital status: Married Children: 2
Occupation: social entrepreneur

Gloria Cox (Green)

Marital status: Married Children: 3
Occupation: Management Consultant

Armspert, Jr Green

Grandparents Names: Armspert Green, Sr

Cheryl Green

Grandparents Names: Armspert Green, Sr.

Harvey McGee (McGee)

Birthday: 1950-11-21
Grandparents Names: ST McGee
Viola McGee
Marital status: Single Children: 0
Occupation: Retired

Bobby Nies (Nies)

Grandparents Names: Nies
Marital status: Married Children: 5

JaLeesa Sandifer (Green)

Then photo
Now photo
Birthday: 1989-03-03
Grandparents Names: Marie Green
Marital status: Married Children: 0