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John Abjanic

Marital status: Married
Occupation: Software Architect/ Product Manager (retired)
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William Abromitis

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Gary Ackerman

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Joseph Albert

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Michael Alley

Marital status: Married Children: 1
Occupation: CFO
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Robert Amstadt

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Tommy Augusta

Marital status: Married Children: 2
Occupation: Retired
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Ronald Auvil

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David Avsec

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Philip Baehr

Marital status: Married Children: 5
Occupation: Director Aircraft Maintenace
Last edited: 2023-08-30 18:21:08

Daniel Baizel

Last edited: 2023-06-29 10:41:48

John Balish

Marital status: Married Children: 3
Occupation: Cost Acct/Retired
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Joseph Baranauskas

Last edited: 2023-06-30 10:25:33

Jeffrey Bastulli

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Stanley Batis

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John Bauer

Last edited: 2023-07-15 16:43:41

William Bayer

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Bob Bellini

Marital status: Married Children: 2
Occupation: VP/General Manager Broadcast Group
Milwaukee Radio Group, WKLH-FM, WHQG-FM, WRXS-FM, WJMR-FM, WJOI-AM. Subsidiary of Saga Communications, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI.
Last edited: 2023-06-13 09:25:14

Thomas Bennett

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Peter Bertolo

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James Biondolillo

Last edited: 2023-08-03 14:02:23

Damian Birkel

Marital status: Married Children: 2
Occupation: Non-profit Leader
Damian Birkel is the Founder and Executive Director of Professionals In Transition® Support Group Inc., a nationally recognized non-profit organization that has served thousands of unemployed or under-employed people since 1992.

He is a Nationally Certified Career Counselor and a Harper Collins Leadership Author. He has been interviewed extensively including: The Chicago Tribune, Forbes, CNBC, The Ladders, Business Insider, Valiant CEO, Fortune, and many more.
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Mark Biro

Marital status: Married Children: 2
Last edited: 2023-06-13 09:25:18

Robert Bishop

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Dennis Blatnik

Last edited: 2023-06-13 09:25:19

Jim (Borris) Borris (Bardzilouskas)

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Robert Boyd (Alan)

Now photo
Marital status: Married Children: 2
Occupation: Attorney
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Daniel Boylan

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Thomas Boyza

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Gary Braun

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Donald Brickman

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Paul Brickman

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Larry Brunetti

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Robert Brunozzi

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Steven Burke

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Robert Butara

Last edited: 2023-05-05 12:15:43

Patrick Cahill

Last edited: 2023-06-30 10:42:59

Don Calevich

Marital status: Married
Occupation: Operations Manager- Retired
Last edited: 2023-08-11 12:55:44

Anthony Camino

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Timothy Cannon

Last edited: 2023-08-10 10:00:25

Joseph Cassidy

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Joe Cerino

Now photo
Marital status: Married Children: 3
Hi all,

What a wonderful experience I am having coordinating the information contained in this web site. I hope you all can put aside some quiet time to read the memorials. When you do, you will find a connection that ties together all of these classmates. Theye were good guys. They were loyal friends. Thay cared about people. As I spend part of my days reconnecting with the living, I get the same feeling.

For many of us. Maybe for all us. Something special happened at St. Joes between the fall of 1969 and the Spring of 1973 that changed our lives forever.

This is what we will be celebrating with all those that can make it this September.

Between now and then I will continue to encourage everyone to keep looking for the missing classmates.

Every time we find one, it has been special for both guys and for me. Becasue I get to confirm the connection and say hi to one more missing classmate.

I also encourage each of you to update your profile and leave your message. Also, use the contact button in the classmate section to say hi and reconnect with an old friend. Joe
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Mark Cermak

Marital status: Divorced Children: 3
Occupation: Retired- Accounting Manager
Last edited: 2023-06-27 22:15:38

Joseph Cheravitch

Last edited: 2023-06-13 09:25:33

Timothy Christie

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Maurice Christopher

Last edited: 2023-07-05 14:40:13

John Churchill

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Stephen Ciciretto

Last edited: 2023-06-13 09:25:37

Robert Clair

Last edited: 2023-09-20 15:14:39

Robert Coan

Last edited: 2023-06-29 15:38:15