The 52nd Annual West High Reunion is planned for August 24-25, 2024. 


Based on the responses to our survey (see summary below), the planning committee picked the last full weekend in August for another West High "Class of '72" gathering. Most of those who responded preferred this date, suggesting that it become an "annual event." We're sorry if that weekend does not work for you, but we went with what worked for most people. 


We'll be planning the specific activities soon, but we anticipate that as in the past, we'll:


Get together on Friday, August 23rd, 2024 for an informal evening (e.g., at the Memorial Union Terrace).


Have a picnic on Saturday, August 24th 2024 at Garner Park (333 S Rosa Rd, Madison, WI 53705). Also, given how fun it was last year, we'll plan another pickleball game (hoping that Harold Hardy will return to coach us) earlier in the day. 


And thanks to all of you who responded to our survey. Here's a summary of the feedback that we received, that will be used to help us plan for that weekend. 


What did you enjoy the most about the 51st reunion?

  1. Seeing classmates, seeing old friends, reconnecting, talking with many people
  2. Garner Park location, outdoors (COVID-safe)
  3. Casual, relaxed, informal potluck
  4. Pickleball!

What could be improved?

  1. Nothing really, it was all very nice
  2. Have more, smaller gatherings in other settings (e.g., Picnic Point, Arboretum)
  3. Offer a few more activities (e.g., lawn games, cornhole, Champagne toasts)
  4. Include RSVP so we know who’s coming

Why did you choose not to attend the 51st reunion?

  1. Family and/or personal conflicts
  2. Health issues

What other suggestions do you have for a 52nd reunion gathering?

  1. A repeat of the 51st would be fine, really nothing comes to mind at this time. Stick with this year's arrangements, enabling participants to anticipate the events, which over further years could become traditions.
  2. As done in the past, announce a date well in advance. 
  3. I think that event website could be used to somehow make it easy to share ongoing personal thinking on whether to attend. 
  4. Additional venues and activities could be considered just for variety:
  • Hiking-Cherokee Marsh
  • Another outdoor event get-together at Westside bar with outdoor seating.
  • American players theater
  • Betty Lou boat cruise, pontoon party
  • A few games like corn hole or something like that. 
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Live Music, maybe a music jam, music event
  • Some games like croquet, badminton, Bocce ball, bean toss, horseshoes etc that some of us oldsters with bad knees can play. 
  • Bridge event
  • Brats and beer
  • Go ahead and have a bit of food and plates etc. but nothing too big
  • Cool door prizes (e.g., iPads, bottles of booze, gag gifts)
  • Gladiator Fights


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Dear Classmates, it is hard to believe that there are only 4 months to go before our reunion. We’ve been making good progress on the plans for that weekend, and appreciate your help finding missing classmates, adding your information to the reunion website, and making plans for the weekend.


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