September 2021 Update

September 2021 Update

Dear Classmates, this is our second monthly update, regarding the plans for the 50th West High Reunion:

  1. Class picnic at Festge Park. We had a good time at our recent class picnic (aka “49th reunion”). We’ve added photos to our new “West High 50th Reunion” Google Photos album. Check them out at: And please feel free to upload any photos that you’d like to share, to this album.   
  2. Check out the updates on our 50th reunion website. We’re continuing to add information and improve the 50th reunion website, and more classmates are signing up every day—with more than 50 who have added their updates. Check it out at: and please see below for instructions on how you can add your information to the website.
  3. Our class email list is growing: Over the past 6 weeks, we have located about 50 more classmates, and 20 more have signed up on our reunion website. Unfortunately, the list of our classmates who are deceased continues to grow—now at 54. We were recently reminded that William (Bill) Aberg passed away in 1974, in a 1-car crash on Highway 12. Please post a tribute if you knew Bill, on the MyEvent website.
  4. We need help improving our class list: We’re working hard to locate all our classmates and reach out to them by email. We recently sent postcards to almost 400 missing classmates and have added a “missing classmates” page to our website. Check it out at: Please send us (at any information that you might have to help us locate these classmates.
  5. Need a hotel? Are you coming from out of town? We have heard that some would like to stay downtown, and others prefer staying in less expensive hotels just outside of Madison, or in an Airbnb or a VRBO. Therefore, we have decided not to reserve a block of rooms. Instead, we encourage everyone who may be coming from out of town to share their plans at:
  6. We’re looking for ideas for other events at the reunion. Would you like to meet your classmates to play golf, or go biking? What about meeting at the Terrace, or a tour of West High? Please post your ideas on our reunion website at: Or send your suggestions to us at:

Please keep in touch, and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions—or if you’d like to join us in our monthly planning meetings.


Your 50th reunion planning committee*

*Betsy (Payton) Duren, Bob Emmerich, Ellen (Roenneburg) Emmitt, Laurie Levin, Bob Lucas, Sue (Greene) Meyer, Linda (Connelly) Peterson, Bear Phillips, Kate (L’Heureux) Remington, Pat Remington, Ginny Rohlich, Sandy Rotter, and Ken Saiki.