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Water Wells in Niger
The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said, “The best charity is giving water to drink.” Water is a right of all people, however, in Niger great numbers of people do not have access to clean, drinkable water. IHCRO has made it a core part of our mission to provide access to clean drinking water to most needy people in Niger. Be part of this essential project in order to provide clean water to our beloved ummah. When you donate a Water Well through IHCRO for $1,350, your well will be built within 90-days inshaAllah, and when it is complete, will include a sign with the date and name of the donor.  Each Water Well serves a lot of needy people and hundreds of herds of livestock, so you can be assured that your contributions will have the biggest impact possible.  What a legacy to leave behind and the countless prayers that will be made by those who benefit from the Gift of Water. It is also considered a great act of “sadaqah jariyah” (continuous charity) to dig a well; to bring this critical source of life to those who have water supply problems. CAMPAIGN INFORMATION 1- The price written above is an approximate cost. Actual cost of the well might be higher or lower than this. If the actual cost becomes lower than your donated amount, your excess donation is conveyed to other water wells around the world or sadaqa fund. If the actual cost becomes higher than your donation, we compansate the missing amount with other funds. 2- Once you donate, please do not forget to write the name of the well via email or comment screen of myevent. 3- This campaign is not zekat eligible, just sadaqa donation is applicable. 4- Please pay attention to the processing fees taken by the myevent platform. You can see this fee at the payment screen. 5- IHCRO may use %5 of the donation as an administrative fee. 6- So as to get more information regarding technical information and service of the wells, please communicate with us. 7- If you want to build deeper well with special needs, you can communicate with us.
Location not available
$1,350 raised
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