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By: Alessandra Abidin
Hello Friends,  The situation of our mission on the desert city : -Cat man arrived at dawn to prevent airstrike  -We found dozens of cats abandoned on the street many of them are healthy and it was obvious for us that some of them were abandoned recently  - Alaa Rescued 10 adult cats and 19 kittens for today  - a bug bag of dry food has been distributed to feed those who remain for these days  And a plane has been created  1- before of all we will rescue the domestic cats ( very calm and docile) - kittens will be brought to Ernesto’s paradise  Quarantine, vaccines, Health check ecc - adult mal will be immediately neutered  - female can be spayed in future when we have access to good quantities of anesthesia and medicines  - feral cats we will try to rescue them and brought them to Aleppo countryside where we will free them near Ernesto’s first aid in Kafar Naha city , we can not left them in this City even with foods because here everyday there are bomb and attacks and maybe next weeks we will not be able to arrive near them  So we want to give them the possibility to survive near us and our mission wi be to give them daily foods  The mission will take some days  Dangerous and difficult are very present but this is not the worse situation that we have faced so our team are ready and prepared for emergency situations. We will update you with our steps  In the meantime we have our fundraising for this mission to cover , transport, medicines, vaccines, foods ecc  
Location not available
$6,045 raised
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Help Shelter Dogs Get To Their Forever Homes
By: Tamara Abi Khalil
WHO WE ARE: Living in a country where animals are viewed as disposable objects, abused, tortured, and killed every day, fighting for their rights, saving, and protecting them is a losing battle. In our country, most dogs live on chains their whole lives, up on a roof, or in a "garden". They eat scraps and are solely used for breeding and "protection". Strays are poisoned, shot, and killed in most brutal ways.  Seeing all this, we decided to open a dog shelter, where we rescue, rehabilitate, and help the Lebanese dogs find forever homes abroad.    WHAT WE DO: We run a dog shelter that currently homes more than 80 dogs that were in miserable conditions. We have partnered with Ugly Mutts Dog Rescue where together, we help shelter dogs get to beautiful homes and forever families in Canada!   OUR MISSION: We want to rescue and home as many dogs as possible. Homing pets in Lebanon is quite impossible. Since animals are viewed as comodities, finding good homes is very rare. Project International allows us to match beautiful dogs with beautiful families! You can use these links to check our social media channels, and check our work. See how Ruby, the dog shot in the face, is enjoying her life in Canada now. See how Marvin, the dog that was thrown off a cliff is now safe and loved!  Instagram: https://instagram.com/givemeapaw?igshid=13maw9ixiklqx Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/givemeapaww/ WHAT WE NEED: So many more dogs are waiting! We want to match dogs with their families in Canada in order to have more space at the shelter to rescue and save more! Help fund Project International to help us make this happen!   We solely rely on donors, and are now counting on you! There is no government funding for animal charities in Lebanon, and we rely on the generosity of donors to help us care for all the disadvantaged, abused, and unwanted animals in our care.   Unable to donate? You can still help! Even if you can’t spare any cash for a donation, you can still make a big difference to our campaign by spreading the word!   Share share share share! Tell all your friends and contacts! You can do this by using the share tools on this website or by simply sharing the link.   Thank you for your support! Tamara Abi Khalil Founder of Give Me A Paw
Los Angeles,CA,US
$5,324 raised
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