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Pledge a Protester
By: Sassy SexismSmashers
Hello! Sassy Sexism Smashers is an online group dedicated to helping Columbus and surrounding communities by getting involved and smashing sexism. Sassy Sexism Smashers has hosted several events in Columbus, including the Aunt Flo and Friends menstrual product drive.  For this event we are asking for pledges and personal gifts to local abortion clinic, Founder's Women's Health Center. Why an Abortion Clinic? Some will question, why such a controversial event? Abortion may be a sensitive topic of discussion, but abortion is a safe, legal procedure. From mothers overwhelmed with their already full family, to assault victims seeking help, abortion is an option chosen by many to fulfil their reproductive choices and live the life they've planned.  People choosing abortion, regardless of reason, face harassment just beyond the doors of the abortion clinic. Many clinic protesters or "sidewalk counselors" are verbally aggressive with clinic patients and staff.Why Now? 40 days for life is an event hosted by anti-choice clinic protesters, where other anti-choice people who don't normally protest are encouraged to come out to the clinic and fill the sidewalks.  This event can be problematic for patients and staff. Protesters are intimidating to patients and make them feel shamed for their decisions. Often, these new protesters don't know laws or even property lines regarding clinic protesting which can make the event dangerous. Overall, more protesters means the environment feels hostile. Nobody should feel intimidated walking into work or a doctors appointment. How to Help Pledge a Protester! This means, pledge to donate per protester that shows up. We believe that this will either discourage them from showing up, or benefit the people harassed by them when they do!  To pledge per protester, email sassysexismsmashers@gmail.com.  We recommend pledging amounts like .01, .05, .1, .25, .75, or $1 per protester depending on your budget! The amount of protesters at the clinic will be counted each day, and you will be invoiced at the end of the event. Alternatively, feel free to give a one time donation! All efforts are appreciated.  During the event, there will be 5 to 10 protesters expected during weekdays and 10-25 expected on Saturdays. The clinic is open 4 days a week with alternating Fridays and SaturdaysWhen The event will run from February 14th through March 25th. *Founder's Women's Health Center was not involved in the creating of this event. All funds raised will be donated to Founder's Women's Health Center. Founder's Women's Health Center is a for-profit organization and therefore all donations are seen as "personal gifts" and are not tax deductible.* 
Columbus, OH, US
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We are launching our inaugural event to raise funds for water purification systems to be placed in third world villages. I needed a website built on top of a platform well suited for ticket sales and donations. After reviewing several SaaS providers, I chose MyEvent.com. Rob is a pleasure to work with and has a team that is responsive and inventive. I'll be using MyEvent for the many years to come.
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Walk and Wag for Veterans

I have to say what an absolute pleasure it has been to work with you guys these past two years. I never feel like I'm in it alone! Everyone there is always very helpful and supportive, and the response time is incredibly fast. Thank you!
Tisha B., Chelmsford, MA

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We've found your event site to be wonderful to work with, and easy to navigate. The price is outstanding and I have already recommended your site to a few others. Keep up the good work!
Sarah Pollak, San Clemente, CA

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