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Gavin's Gang
By: Jana Meyerink
On Friday, August 30th Gavin went to a routine 3 year check up with his mom, Denise. That day their worlds were turned upside down. During the visit the doctor felt a hard spot on the right side of Gavin's stomach. The doctor then sent them over to have an ultrasound done right away. Immediately following the ultrasound Gavin was admitted into The Sanford Children's Hospital. After further testing Gavin was diagnosed with Stage IV Wilm's Tumor, or Nephroblastoma. The tumor was quite large and the cancer had already metastasized to his lymph nodes and both lungs. Gavin's team of doctors felt it would be best to biopsy the tumor to determine the correct mix of chemotherapy drugs to help shrink it. On September 1st the biopsy and surgery to insert his port placement for chemotherapy were performed. He received his first dose of chemotherapy 4 days later. Gavin was able to go home the following day and continue his chemotherapy outpatient considering all went well moving forward. Gavin's treatment plan went as follows: He received 2 rounds of chemo and another CT Scan. Each round consists of 1 day of chemo per week for 3 weeks. The first week he received 2 different kinds of pf chemo, the 2nd and 3rd weeks he received one kind of chemo. After 6 weeks from the first round of chemo Gavin had another CT Scan and the doctors were happy with how the tumor had shrunk. Gavin had surgery on Friday, October 18th. The right kidney and tumor were removed, but the tumor was adhered to the bowels a little so they did need to stitch that up. They were not able to remove the lymph node because it was adhered to the aortic valve and did not want to cause any damage. The lymph node is narcotic (dead) and will continue to shrink and dissolve further. Gavin will then receive radiation and chemotherapy for another 7 months.
$580 raised
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Raising money for shelter land rent
By: Tamara Abi Khalil
WHO WE ARE:   Living in a country where animals are viewed as disposable objects, abused, tortured, and killed every day, fighting for their rights, saving, and protecting them is a losing battle. In our country, most dogs live on chains their whole lives, up on a roof, or in a "garden". They eat scraps and are solely used for breeding and "protection". Strays are poisoned, shot, and killed in most brutal ways.    Seeing all this, we decided to open a dog shelter, where we rescue, rehabilitate, and help the Lebanese dogs find forever homes abroad.    WHAT WE DO:   We run a dog shelter that currently homes more than 80 dogs that were in miserable conditions. Our shelter consists of a spacious indoor area where the dogs sleep safe from the heat, cold, and rain - and 4 spacious outdoor playgrounds where they can run and play as much as they want. We are a cage free, all day roaming shelter. So our dogs are free to enjoy their day doing whatever they like. We also have a quarantine area, and isolated areas for scared, or sick dogs. Our shelter is surrounded by a beautiful forest which we take advantage of by walking the dogs and organizing dog walks! It is a very calm area, perfect for a temporary home for dogs until they get adopted!   OUR MISSION:   We want to rescue and home as many dogs as possible. We want to be able to offer a safe space for dogs to spend their days being taken care of and fed until they find their forever families.    You can check our work on our social media chanels using the links below:   Instagram: https://instagram.com/givemeapaw?igshid=13maw9ixiklqx   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/givemeapaww/   WHAT WE NEED:   To be able to continue our work, having a shelter is a must. We need to be able to pay rent in order to keep this beautiful safe haven available for the dogs under our care. We have been evicted once before and it was truly heartbreaking and devastating for the dogs. We need to secure a safe, clean, and ethical place for them to spend their days. As finding homes in Lebanon is extremely rare, most dogs will spend their entire lives in the shelter, we cannot let them down!   We solely rely on donors, and are now counting on you!   There is no government funding for animal charities in Lebanon, and we rely on the generosity of donors to help us care for all the disadvantaged, abused, and unwanted animals in our care.   Unable to donate? You can still help!   Even if you can’t spare any cash for a donation, you can still make a big difference to our campaign by spreading the word!   Share share share share!   Tell all your friends and contacts! You can do this by using the share tools on this website or by simply sharing the link.     Thank you for your support!   Tamara Abi Khalil   Founder of Give Me A Paw
Los Angeles,CA,US
$7,285 raised
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