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Nica’s Continuing Battle
By: Blended Angels
As Secretary of Blended Angels MC, I created this page in honor of our President, Nica (“Shooki” “Squirt”). Nica was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2013 and has continued to fight and smile through it all. She just found out last week that not only does she need to focus on the breast cancer, but now she has to focus on both of her lungs. Unfortunately the type of cancer she has normally spreads from the breast area to the lungs, brain and bones. Nica may be small (that’s why we call her Squirt), but she has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known. She is always giving her personal time and personal money to help others. She even hosts a breast cancer charity ride each year. Sadly the event was cancelled this year because we just couldn’t do it without her. She gives so much to the community and never asks anything of anyone and that is why I’m creating this. For all that know her, you all know what a caring heart she has. At some point I am sure you have seen her provide a home, food, ride or something to someone in need. And now I am reaching out to you all asking that we do something for her.  My goal is to surprise Nica with this. I am sure it would mean so much to her to see how much love and support you all can give her. I’ve not made this public on Social Media due to the fact that not all of her family are aware of the recent news. I would love for you all to spread the word, but please try to refrain from allowing her family to somehow become aware. Everyone knows how much of a protector she is and never wants others to worry so please keep that in mind.  Please think of Nica today as you all know she would you. Thank you for your time and consideration. 
Palm Coast, FL, US
$550 raised
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Samerin Bday Donation - kids in Sdn
By: S M
A FUNDRAISER TO HONOR SAMERIN RIP LEGACY ON HER BIRTHDAY AND TO HELP SUPPORT CHILDREN IN NEED IN SUDAN.  ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Samerins 34th birthday would have been on the 28th May. She passed away in October preparing for her youngest sons birthday. She loved a celebration and especially her birthdays and others birthdays. She would always hype you up for the celebration and do all the planning. For her birthday we would like to collect money in celebration of her legacy and spirit of giving. We encourage you to join us in donating to a cause she cared a lot about, Children in need. With your donation, we would like to create an iftar birthday celebration on the 28th of May, for abandoned and homeless street children in Sudan. (more details to follow) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 28th MAY - SAMS BIRTHDAY DONATION- DETAILS Your donation will go to gift items of necessities( cloth, hygiene,etc) for each child, entertainment, and food.  We will celebrate with them and raise awareness for their needs.  We will bargain with suppliers to get the most goods for the children for the money received We will manage all coordination on the ground(no middleman) We will update you to know how many children will be hosted and the total needs. - the donation site will take 3% +2.9 % for the platform/transaction cost (lowest we've found as many others have higher platform cost ). - suggested amount $10 + (open: as deadline is soon - the target is gifting as many kids as possible. ========================================================================== Sudan is very tuff now and the simplest of donations is worth 10 more there in currency difference. So all donations are supported and urgently needed before the 28 May ( sorry for the last minuteness but all with good intentions ????????) Thank you in advance for your generosity and for standing in solidarity with the beautiful children in need for care, compassion and basic basic necessities we take for granted. If you want to contribute on the ground as well, you are welcome to join us in celebration :) May our intentions be accepted& God bless you and your families! To fellow Muslims , taghbal Allah siyamkum and your sadagha ❤️ In memory of Samerin Osama Mudawi , loving mother of 4, fighter of injustice, lover of good times and children. May God watch over your beautiful children and protect them. Rabbana irhamhek wa ikhfer leik wa j3al mithwak aljanna.  
Location not available
$4670 raised
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