Classic Highlander Memories

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High School Memories

My earliest realization that I was a part of something big at Bel Air was probably my first football pep rally. The band and pipe band both played from the field so we were front and center for all the action. The pipe band played Scotland the Brave while one or two members danced the highland fling which was so cool! I remember being awed by the sight of the student body in the stadium and by the football team and coaches who seemed larger than life. I was so excited when we played the fight song and the student body sang along. All of the sudden, I was part of a group with other kids from so many different schools playing together for Bel Air and so happy to be a member of the Highlander band!  - Marti (O'Neal) Sorey  71'


My memory was in January of 1968. The Freshman Bel Air basketball team was playing Jefferson at Bel Air. We had just buried my grandmother. My first day back playing, I scored 31 free throws in a row. The last time I saw coach Savage he brought it up the memory. He told me that it is still a record. - Sammy Martinez  71'




My most favorite was during my Freshman year playing a bi-district game against Austin High School football. We won the district by beating our opponent by a score of 92 to 10. I actually scored a offensive touchdown and a defensive touchdown. It was a memorable and favorite one for me. - Benjie Lopez 71'



My family moved to Tigua at the end of my 6th. grade year. I was so excited about getting to Bel Air and being reunited with my friends from Ranchland, Del Norte and North Loop. That first day of school was like old home week. Friends are indeed one of life's greatest blessings. - Joy (Rohmer) Smith  71'


One of my best memories was the day I met Marsha Abrams in 1967 (class of 72' and soon to be wife). Met Marsha at North Loop Elementary when I was a Freshman touring the grade schools recruiting potential band members.  Were best friends throughout high school and then went on to college at West Texas State (West Texas A&M now) and married in 1974 (47 years ago)! - John Watson 71'