STEP 8: Fundraising

Here are 5 Ways to Raise Money!

  1. Sell ad space (website, program, memory book)
    This is easy and requires little effort. Send a broadcast e-mail to your classmates and try and sell advertising to your vendors as well. After you have negotiated your best price with a vendor, try to get an extra 5-10% discount in return for a position on the website and in printed materials. You can offer different level sponsorships for different amounts. This can either be done by size of ad or by level (gold, silver, bronze).

  2. Donations
    You can ask classmates for general cash donations towards the reunion, and the best way to do this is on the website. You may even get people contributing to the reunion fund who do not plan to attend the event. If you had a successful class you won’t need help with the reunion but may want to make a donation to the high school in your classes name.

  3. Negotiate with Vendors
    Depending on when you are having your event there may be room for negotiation (if it is not at a busy time of year for the vendor). It is always a good idea to get more than one quote for each service and then try and play each one off the other to see who will give you the best deal. As already mentioned, once you have what you think is your best deal, try and get an added discount in exchange for advertising.

  4. Set up a raffle at the reunion
    Set up a small table at the event (preferably at registration as well) where people can buy tickets. Have a sign ready detailing the prizes and the ticket price. You can also send a volunteer or committee member to sell tickets throughout the night.

  5. Hold a 50/50 draw
    This requires almost no effort, and can be arranged last minute, as long as you have a roll of tickets on hand. The idea is similar to a raffle, but the one prize is 50% of the money generated by selling tickets.
Make sure there are many options for people not to drink and drive. This can involve the availability of taxis, designated drivers, or a hotel nearby to stay overnight.

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