STEP 10: The Festivities
For each attendee, the main attraction to the reunion is other classmates. The most memorable part of the evening is getting reacquainted with old friends. Having said that, you are expected to plan some activities.

Top Ongoing Activities

  • Slideshow
    Run a continuous slide show throughout the evening. You may be able to borrow a projector from the venue where you are having the reunion or from a committee member’s day job. Get a head start on this early by requesting photos in your first mailing, or through a special e-mail announcement. You can also use the slideshow from your class reunion website in combination with a projector.

  • Contests
    Announce a contest for the best school-related story or memory, or hand out a high school-era trivia questionnaire. Solicit submissions throughout the night, and announce the winner during the program.

  • Awards
    People have come to expect awards at reunions. Keep them funny and light, and in good taste. If you give out gift certificates as prizes, make sure they are for national stores and restaurants. You will need to collect this information from your classmates through the website or through other correspondence.

Top 7 Ideas for Awards at the Reunion

  1. Most recently married

  2. Married for the longest time

  3. Most children or grandchildren

  4. Newest parents or grandparents

  5. Most popular teacher

  6. Travelled furthest for the reunion

  7. Most educated
  • Video
    Video elements can include a 'now' tour of the school and old hang-outs, interspersed with 'then' footage, interviews of former teachers, and clips submitted by classmates who could not attend the event. If someone on the committee is experienced at shooting and editing video, this can be assigned to them as a task. Done well, it can be the highlight of the evening.

  • Brief Remarks
    The key word here is brief. Include a story or two from your school days. Take a moment to honor classmates who are no longer with us. Invite a teacher to say a few words. Announce the winners for any raffles, contests, and the wine cellar. Distribute the prizes and get on with the party!

  • Games
    Here are three suggestions, but the possibilities are endless.

    1. The host pulls out two names at a time. The contestants compete for the prize by identifying a jingle or song or commercial or movie from your high school years. This requires preparation before the reunion.

    2. A small gathering can play Two Truths and a Lie. Each person writes two truths and a lie about themselves on a paper, which then gets posted on their back. Everyone else tries to guess which one is the lie. Hand out cards with everyone's names and pencils, so people can track their guesses. The person who guesses the most lies correctly wins a prize. Revealing which statements are true / false is always a big hit.

    3. Each classmate writes a piece of personal information that is not common knowledge (ex. “I have a pet pig”), and the information is then gathered. Draw submissions, read them aloud, and let the class guess which submission belongs to which person. The person with the most correct guesses wins.

  • Giveaways
    There are two kinds of giveaways associated with reunions: stuff that people win, and stuff that gets distributed to everybody (a 'loot bag' full of goodies in the registration kits.) It is a good idea to plan multi-purpose decorations. Some design centerpieces can also serve as prizes for contest winners. Awards can be records, movie posters, games that are already adorning the hall. If you have the extra time, it is always fun to arrange gag gifts for the awards: diaper pins for newest parents, a bottle of aspirin for parents of triplets, some golf balls for first to retire etc...

    When you are arranging the loot bags for the registration kits, donated goods need to meet a few criteria: If it is free, legal, and does not offend, include the item in the loot bag. When ordering or creating custom souvenirs, however, try to choose simple yet practical items, which will not show up in next week's trash. You should place an order for any customized items at least 3 months in advance.

  • Wrap Up
    Thank everyone for attending. Upload pictures and videos on the website. Close the bank account and share information with future classes who want to plan a successful reunion.

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