STEP 6: Getting The Word Out
An important task for all committee members is promoting the event. Once you have started locating people, the focus changes to selling tickets.

Try to obtain a complete list of your graduating class from your old high school. Some schools may also keep current contact information for any alumni who have inquired about upcoming reunions. If the school does not have a class list, use your high school yearbook as a reference. Once you are at the school, ask if they will put a link to your reunion website (from the high school website), and mention your reunion in any newsletters.

Once you have a master list of names, you can create a page on your website that has all the names of your classmates. It is recommended to have another section of that page (or another page) that has a list of the classmates that have been found. This can also be done on one list in different colours.

The 4 Best Ways to Find Your Classmates

  1. Word of mouth
    Each member of the committee should telephone or e-mail classmates they still know from school and inform them about the reunion. Classmates should be encouraged to visit the website to submit their profile and help spread the word to whomever they are still in touch with.

  2. Missing Classmates Page
    The website is a great way to get all your classmates involved in the search. Remember to update it regularly. You can issue a Classmate Challenge: Award points to classmates for each person they find. The winner of the challenge can be acknowledged at the reunion with a special award.

  3. Search the Internet
    Use Facebook, Linkedin and Google and you will probably find something if they are online.

  4. List the event
    This can be done through community affairs announcements in newspapers on radio and on local TV News.

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