Family Reunion Premium Features

The most specialized and complete platform for Family Reunions in existence!

Complete and fully customizable site

  • Specialized features designed for your family reunion based on our 20 years of Family Reunion experience.

  • Everything is setup for you automatically. Once you add some content and invite your family members to visit, the site virtually runs itself.

  • Family members can add their profiles, upload photos, add memorials or tributes, make suggestions, register (free or paid), and much more.

  • Complete multi-page website. You can add or remove pages, and add content or features to any page. Includes fully customizable menus.

  • No ads on your site or information sharing. No need to involve entire social networks in your reunion if you prefer not to.

  • Completely responsive. Looks great on any device. You can even access your dashboard and manage your site from your phone.

Family members profile list

  • Family members enter their profile on the site, or the organizer can add their profiles from the dashboard.

  • Profiles include; Then and Now pics, Bio and more.

  • Family member profile registration form is customizable.

  • Profiles are displayed on the site in a searchable, sortable list.

  • Family members can send messages to other family members by clicking the "Send a Message" button on their profile (Optional).

  • Option to require approval before profiles get published on the site.

Family Tree

  • Create a family tree on your website.

  • Fun and Interactive.

  • Preserve family history.

  • Educate younger generations.

  • Includes profile photos.

  • Export to .PDF.

  • Search by name, scroll, or zoom in and out.

Where are they now map

  • Displays a map indicating a pin on the general city where family members live.

  • Family members can opt not to be displayed on the map.

Accept Registrations / Sell Tickets

  • Accept registrations (free or paid), and/or sell tickets to your reunion on your website.

  • No PayPal or any other 3rd party account required.

  • Ideal for T-shirts, raffles, and more.

  • Automatically displays a list of "Who's Coming" (optional).

  • Schedule early bird specials or other time sensitive tickets.

  • Limit the number of tickets available and display the number of tickets remaining.

Photo albums

  • Create multiple photo albums.

  • Display photos in a Gallery or Slider formats.

  • Visitors to the site can upload their photos (Optionally receive a notification to approve the photos before publishing on the site).

  • Easy to manage, change order of pics, approve visitor uploaded pics for publication, and more.


  • You or your family members can add a memorial for a family member who has passed away.

  • Visitors can leave their comments or tribute's on each memorial listed.

  • Option to require approval before Memorials or Tributes get published.

Custom forms

  • Create surveys, or any kind of form for your family members.

Memories page

  • Capture fun and interesting memories and stories from your visitors.

  • Visitors contribute their memories and an optional photo.

  • Option to require approval before "Memories" are published.

  • Visitors can send a message to the author by clicking the "Send a Message" button (Optional).

Flashback page

  • Create a sense of nostalgia with Music, TV, Movies, Sports, Fashion, Technology, Politics, Personalities and more from your family's past.

Guest Book

  • Visitors to your site can leave messages in the Guest Book.

  • Guest Book messages are displayed on the site.

  • Option to require approval before Guest Book messages are published.

  • Visitors can send a message to the author by clicking the "Send a Message" button (Optional).


  • Collect and display your visitors' favorite recipes.

  • Visitors enter their recipe ingredients, instructions, and an optional photo.

  • Option to require approval before "Recipes" are published.

  • Visitors can send a message to the author by clicking the "Send a Message" button (Optional).

Accept donations

  • Raise money for a family member in need, your reunion, or any other cause.

Contact form

  • Visitors to the site can contact you through a form on the site.

Extra pages

  • Add extra pages to your website for almost anything; family members in the news, family members in the military, accomplishments, etc.

  • The only limit is your imagination!

Embed videos

  • Embed videos that have been posted on YouTube right on your page.

Pre-made & custom banners

  • Include a colorful banner image to greatly enhance the look and feel of your site.

  • Choose from our library of family reunion banners or upload your own.

  • Ask us to create a banner for you with your images.

Reports and notifications

  • Real time reports of purchases, registrations etc.

  • Real time notifications keep you up to date on all site activities (profile registrations, ticket purchases, memorial and tribute submissions, visitor photo uploads, etc).


  • Automatically collect and store contact information of people who register, purchase or who interact with the site.

  • Filter by list, for example; members, ticket holders or donors.

  • Searchable and sortable.

  • Download your entire list of contacts in a spreadsheet.

Broadcast email

  • Send mass emails to promote, invite and inform.

  • Enter recipient email addresses manually, or send emails to your existing "Contacts".

  • Select a specific list to send to, for example; members, ticket holders or donors.

  • Send a test email to preview you message.

  • Track how many recipients open your emails.

  • View history of past broadcast emails you have sent.

Free unlimited support

  • Experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly support staff.

  • Contact us by email, chat, or by phone.


  • 2 ways you can restrict access to individual pages on your website or to the entire site.

  • Shared password protection: Requires a password to access. This is one general password that is shared among all who require access to the site. This method is not considered very secure as the password is shared.

  • User login required: People who require access must register on the site to obtain their login credentials. Each individual must have a valid username and password to log in and obtain access. This method is much more secure that the general password method.

No hassle 30-day money back guarantee for hosting fees

  • Try it free for 7 days, no credit card required.

  • If you aren't happy up to 30 days after purchasing, receive a full refund on hosting fees.
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